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Castaway Cay - Disney's Private Island

Always a favorite of Disney cruisers, Castaway Cay is Disney Cruise Line's private bit of paradise in the Bahamas. The Disney ship docks right at the island, allowing Disney cruisers to simply walk off the ship directly onto this island with beautiful white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters.

As you leave the ship, you'll see the Castaway Cay post office. This is the place to purchase special Disney Cruise Line stamps and mail those postcards that will have the Castaway Cay postmark. NOTE: this is one place where you DO need cash, if you want to purchase postcards or stamps. Your Key to the World charge is not valid here. Also, be aware that it could take weeks or even months for your postcard to arrive at its destination.

You'll also be handed a beach towel as you leave the ship, so no need to bring any towels from your room. Ship's photographers will be on hand to take your picture if you'd like.

You then proceed down the path to the Tram Stop. Although you CAN walk to the Castaway Family Beach (it's about a 15-minute walk) it's much faster to take the trams waiting for you at the tram stop. If you want to go on to Serenity Bay Beach (adults 18 and over only) you must exit the tram at the Family Beach and take a separate tram to Serenity Bay Beach. There is also a Teen Beach located at the far west end of the Family Beach.

Castaway Cay Photo

Castaway Cay Shore Excursions

Castaway Cay

Abaco Backcountry Fishing Adventure (2.5 - 3 hours)
Try your hand at catch and release fishing, finding the ideal location to catch bonefish, tarpon, permit and barracuda.
Adult Price: $184 (ages 10 and up)
Child Price: $184 (ages 8-9)

Abaco Flats Fly Fishing (3 hours)
Try your hand at casting for bonefish, tarpon, permit, barracuda and more in a scenic island getaway.
Adult Price: $243 (ages 10 and up)
Child Price: $243 (ages 8-9)

Abaco Rigid Hull Snorkeling Adventure (2.5 - 3 hours)
Swim over a brilliant reef teeming with species such as angelfish, butterflyfish, squirrelfish, snapper and grouper.
Adult Price: $122 (ages 10 and up)
Child Price: $109 (ages 6-9)
Adults Only Departure (2 hours): $89 (ages 18 and up)

Banana Boat Thrill Ride (.5 - 1 hour)
Listen to local music, take in stunning views and expect to get wet on this thrill-seekers' adventure.
Adult Price: $40 (ages 10 and up)
Child Price: $40 (ages 8-9)

Bicycle Rentals (1 hour and up)
Get some easy exercise, biking through nature and stopping for some grand views on Disney’s private island!
Adult/Child Price: $13.00 (ages 3 to 9)
2-Day Rental also available! Adult/Child Price: $16 total for 1 hour each day.

Castaway Cay Bottom Fishing (2.5 - 3 hours)
Try your hand at hooking and reeling in the exotic fish of the region, including yellowtail, grouper and snapper.
Adult/Child Price: $164 (ages 6 and up)

Castaway Cay Fishing By Troll Boat (2.5 - 3 hours)
Troll the waters around Castaway Cay in search of barracuda, snappers, groupers and more.
Adult Price: $185 (ages 10 and up)
Child Price: $185 (ages 8-9)

Castaway Cay Getaway Package (all day)
Snorkel and swim amidst tropical fish, lounge away on a cozy float and discover the magic of Castaway Cay by bike.
Adult Price: $46 (ages 10 and up)
Child Price: $26 (ages 5 to 9)
2-Day Castaway Cay Getaway Package: $60 (ages 10 and up) $33 (ages 5 to 9)

Castaway Cay Sandbar Beach Adventure (2 hours)
Sample local Bahamian rums and hear folklore, as you swim, wade and splash around in the placid Caribbean water.
Adult Price: $77 (ages 10 and up)
Child Price: $77 (ages 8-9)

Castaway Ray's Stingray Adventure (1 hour)
Feel the rush as a stingray takes food right from the palm of your hand, and even pet them as they swim by!
Adult Price: $56 (ages 10 and up)
Child Price: $45 (ages 5 to 9)

Crazy Horse Jet Boat Tour (.5 - 1 hour)
The Crazy Horse Jet Boat is built for speed, spinning and adventure!
Adult Price: $85 (ages 10 and up)
Child Price: $75 (ages 5 to 9)

Extreme Getaway Package (all day)
Have a blast 4 different ways with this fun and exciting adventure package that includes snorkel equipment, bicycle rental, float or tube rental, and stingray adventure.
Adult Price: $88 (ages 10 and up)
Child Price: $67 (ages 5 to 9)

Float & Tube Rentals (all day)
Make your day at the beach even more fun—or more relaxing—with floats and tubes for rent.
Adult: $13 (ages 10 and up) Child $13 (ages 5 to 9)
2-Day Float/Tube Rentals - Castaway: $16 (ages 10 and up) $16 (ages 5 to 9)

Glass Bottom Boat Scenic Voyage (1 hour)
Relax and enjoy this one-hour guided sea tour—perfect for the entire family.
$49.00 (ages 10 and up)
$34.00 (ages 3 to 9)
$34.00 (ages 0 to 2)

Parasailing (1 hour)
Soar above Castaway Cay for an incredible thrill you’ll never forget.
$110 (ages 10 and up)
$110 (ages 8 to 9)

Snorkel Lagoon Equipment Rental (all day)
Enjoy all-day access to a beautiful lagoon brimming with exotic sea life and sunken treasures waiting to be discovered.
Adult $34 (ages 10 and up) Child $18 (ages 5 to 9)
2-Day Snorkel Lagoon Equipment Rental - Adults $45 (ages 10 and up) Child $23 (ages 5 to 9)

The Wild Side Teen Adventure (4 - 4.5 hours)
Chart your own course and take a walk on the "Wild Side" of the island!
Adult Price: $55 (ages 14 to 17)

Walking and Kayak Nature Adventure (3 - 3.5 hours)
Hike, kayak and enjoy time at an exclusive beach area accessible only to Guests of this tour.
Adult Price: $73.00 (ages 10 and up)