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Disney Cruise Line staterooms are among the first in the industry to be tailored especially for families, pioneering innovative comforts and modern features you won't find with any other cruise line. With accommodations ranging from cozy private lodgings to grand and richly appointed suites, from rooms with added space to rooms with sweeping views, there's a stateroom to fit your need for fun and comfort.

Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Category 10 - 12

Disney Cruise Line staterooms are some of the largest in the industry.

This will be your home away from home for 3, 4, or 7+ days, so be sure to explore the features of the different stateroom categories. You may prefer an inside cabin or one with a verandah. If luxury is your style, then consider the concierge level for your magical Disney voyage.

When you book your DCL reservation, your room will be set up with the appropriate number of bunk beds or cribs to accommodate your entire party.

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Rooms on Disney cruise ships are larger than rooms on most other ships in the industry, so you should have no problem finding one that suits your family's needs and budget. One thing to remember when booking is that all rooms must include one adult on the reservation.

You need to ask yourself how much time you will be spending in the room when you start looking at the different categories of rooms. If you tend to get motion sick you may want to book mid-ship and on a lower deck as they don’t move as much as a room in the front (forward) or in the back (aft)

"Mid-ship" is the hub for all activities on board. The elevators are more crowded than those in the fore and aft of the ship. There is more hallway traffic, which can lead to more noise outside your stateroom. This area of the ship tends to be more congested in general. If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing area of the ship to call home for the length of your cruise (and you are not prone to motion sickness) consider the fore and aft sections of the ship.

Booking a concierge stateroom allows you to enjoy concierge benefits such as exclusive areas on the ship where you can use the internet, sample complimentary food, and drinks, and watch the large-screen TV. You will also have your own private access to Deck 13, which is an exclusive sun deck reserved for concierge guests.

If you are a larger family, you'll have a couple of different options. A suite, which includes concierge services, will fit your family plus give you a little more luxury. For a more budget-friendly option, you may find that booking two rooms gives you the flexibility that works for your family. On a ship, "connecting" rooms are two staterooms that have an interior door between them. "Adjacent" rooms are side by side and have no interior door between the rooms.

If you are truly watching the budget, you might want to choose the Inside Staterooms. These rooms are cheaper because they have no portholes to see outside. On the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, these staterooms will have a virtual porthole with a view of the ocean outside (and even an occasional visit on the screen from a Disney character!).

Disney offers rooms with verandahs on all their ships. Depending on the category and location you book you will have either a solid white wall verandah where you need to stand up to look out at the water or a plexiglass verandah. You can see on this chart which rooms have a solid white wall verandah. They are indicated by a *. The oceanview rooms will have a large porthole. If you are on deck one you will have 2 smaller portholes in your room instead of one large porthole.

Some people might be particular about the view from their stateroom when docked at Castaway Cay. The ship backs up against the dock at Castaway Cay, so is facing toward the ocean. The port side (left) staterooms will face the bay, post office, and tram locations. The starboard (right) side will face the beaches. 

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Room Type# of
1A1AConcierge Royal Suite w/Verandah5
1AConcierge Wish Tower Suite8
1BConcierge 2-Bedroom Suite w/Verandah5
1BConcierge 2-Story Royal Suite w/Verandah6
1CConcierge 1-Story Royal Suite6
2AConcierge 1-Bedroom Suite w/Extended Verandah5
2B2B2BConcierge 1-Bedroom Suite w/Verandah5
3A3A3AConcierge Family Oceanview w/Verandah5
3BConcierge Family Oceanview4**
4A4A4ADeluxe Family Oceanview w/Verandah4**
4B4B4BDeluxe Family Oceanview w/Verandah4**
4C4CDeluxe Family Oceanview w/Verandah4**
4E4E4EDeluxe Family Oceanview w/Verandah4**
5A5A5ADeluxe Oceanview with Verandah3*
5B5B5BDeluxe Oceanview with Verandah3*
5C5C5CDeluxe Oceanview with Verandah3*
5EDeluxe Oceanview with Verandah3*
6A6A6ADeluxe Oceanview with Verandah3*
6B6BDeluxe Oceanview with Verandah3*
7A7A7ADeluxe Oceanview with Navigators Verandah3*
8ADeluxe Family Oceanview4**
8B8BDeluxe Family Oceanview4**
8C8CDeluxe Family Oceanview4**
9A9A9ADeluxe Oceanview Stateroom3*
9B9B9BDeluxe Oceanview Stateroom3*
9C9C9CDeluxe Oceanview Stateroom3*
9D9D9DDeluxe Oceanview Stateroom3*
10A10ADeluxe Inside Stateroom3*
10BDeluxe Inside Stateroom3*
10CDeluxe Inside Stateroom3*
11A11A11AStandard Inside Stateroom3*
11B11B11BStandard Inside Stateroom3*
11C11C11CStandard Inside Stateroom3
* = some staterooms sleep 4
** = some staterooms sleep 5

These staterooms are designed especially for the needs of families. An exciting new feature for inside staterooms is the addition of virtual portholes! These high-definition "portholes" have a 24-hour view of the ocean brought to you by a Hi-Def camera mounted outside the ship. Look closely - you may even see some of your favorite Disney characters float by!

Popular features from the other two ships are also available, like private verandahs, portholes with built-in seating, and elegant Art Deco decor.

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Onboard credits (also called shipboard credits) are a great way to send a loved one off on a cruise or just to treat yourself. You can pre-purchase onboard credits which are good for cruise items, merchandise, food, and beverages. They can be purchased in $25.00 increments. You can order them by calling (800) 601-8455. Onboard credits and/or gift baskets are often given by your travel agency as an incentive to book a cruise.

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Disney Cruise Line staterooms provide an in-room safe in every stateroom. You should lock up all valuables such as wallets, passports, cameras, and phones. The safe uses a keypad password that you will set the first time you use it. If you have large items that you would like to secure, you can take them to Guest Services and they will lock them up for you.


Each stateroom on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder has a "refrigerator" in the stateroom. The word is in quotes as it's not an actual refrigerator, but more of a cooler. It will keep things moderately cold but is much less successful at taking things from warm to cold. Should you purchase a soda or water package, or purchase these things while ashore, keep in mind that your room steward or room service can provide ice and an ice bucket.

The Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy have "real" refrigerators that will keep items cold.

If you need to keep medicine cold, you should contact Disney Cruise Line. They will send you a medical form and you will need to have it signed by your physician. The completed and signed form will need to be faxed to Disney Cruise Line before your cruise.

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When packing for a cruise, you need to remember that you will be required to store your luggage in your stateroom. As your stateroom is already smaller than your average hotel room, this can seem daunting. When choosing luggage, choose bags that can easily nest inside each other. Also, remember there is valuable storage space under the stateroom beds.

Your stored luggage is a great place to hold things that might only be used occasionally. Many cruises have theme nights in which you might want to participate. Storing your pirate costume in your luggage will allow for more space for more versatile clothing in your closet.


A lot of cruisers like to decorate the outside of their stateroom doors to show off their family's personality, as well as make it easier to recognize their stateroom quickly in the long hallway of white doors. Disney Cruise Line does not discourage this, but does ask that a few rules are followed: 

  • No adhesive, tape or removable gel adhesives of any kind may be used. These things damage the finish on the doors. 
  • Over-the-door hanging organizers may not be used, as they scratch the doors' paint. 
  • The doors are metal, so magnets may be used. However, magnetic signs advertising company names other than Disney may not be used. 

The cost for a damaged door will be $100 (subject to change). FYI: The doors to Concierge rooms on the Dream and Fantasy are wood.

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