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Barbados Shore Excursions

Ocean Park & Swim (5 hours)
You'll embark on a scenic 40 minute ride to Ocean Park. This aquarium has stingray and touch pools, a reef viewing tunnel as well as marine animal and habitat displays. You'll next head to the South Coast where you will have an hour and a half to swim or simply lie in the sun at one of Barbados' beautiful beaches.
Prices: $49 (ages 10 and up), $39 (ages 3-9)

Wild Feathers & Swim (4 hours)
The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is your first destination. This is the last notable mangrove forest on Barbados and is home to an incredible variety of parrots, flamingoes, and other colorful tropical birds. You can tour the aviaries and stroll among the amazing foliage. Your next stop is Accra Beach where you'll have 90 minutes to enjoy the sun and surf.
Prices: $39 (ages 10 and up) , $29 (ages 3-9)

Barbados Beach Day (5 hours)
The MV Harbour Master will take you on a 45 minute sailing to Carlisle Bay Beach. While here there are umbrellas to share as well as a 70 foot waterslide to enjoy. You'll have two hours of fun in the sun before sailing back. A buffet lunch is served during your return trip.
Prices: $89 (ages 10 and up) , $79 (ages 3-9)

Five Star Catamaran and Turtle Encounter (5.5 - 6 hours)
A comfy catamaran takes you sailing alongside the beautiful Barbados coastline. You'll anchor at a sheltered bay where you can swim and sun yourself on the white sand beaches. There's an optional snorkel tour if you want to get a close up look of the reefs and colorful fish. You'll enjoy a delicious buffet lunch before sailing to a special spot frequented by sea turtles. Here you'll swim among these majestic sea creatures.
Prices: $79 (ages 10 and up) , $59 (ages 5-9)

Jolly Roger "Shiver Me Timbers" Cruise (4 hours)
Avast Mateys!! Climb aboard the Jolly Roger and sail with your pirate crew along the Barbados coast. You'll drop anchor in a secluded bay where the pirate party goes into full swing. You can swim, dance, or rope swing into the Caribbean waters. You can be a part of the side splitting pirate wedding or head to the beach.
Prices: $69 (ages 10 and up), $39 (ages 5-9)

Kayak & Turtle Encounter (3.5 hours)
You'll sail by catamaran to the kayak center. From here you'll enter the 2 person watercraft and paddle along the one hour guided tour to Turtle Bay. You'll again set out on the catamaran where you'll have 45 minutes to enjoy a memorable turtle encounter. The choice is yours to remain onboard the cat or join your guides in the water as they feed these exceptional sea creatures.
Prices: $69 (ages 10 and up only)

Scuba Dive Adventure (5.5 6 hours)
Certified divers can enjoy an up close exploration of the amazing Barados coral reefs and their colorful inhabitants. A 40 minute boat trip takes you to the dive center where you'll receive instructions. A quick boat trip takes you to the first dive site. You'll dive to depths of 80 feet for this first 30 minute dive. A 40 minute dive follows where you'll reach depths of 50 feet and explore an inner reef.
This excursion is for certified divers only. Guests must provide a valid certification and photo ID onboard and have completed at least one dive in the past two years.Guests are encouraged to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, additional clothing, cameras and/or backpacks.Price includes BCD, regulator, tank, weight belt, mask, snorkel and fins. Wetsuits will be provided at an additional cost.
Prices: $89 (ages 12 and up only)

Tiami Sail & Snorkel (4 hours)
The Tiami Catamaran sets sail to one of the best snorkeling spots on Barbados. Here you can explore the beautiful corals, tropical fish and other aquatic life in this Caribbean hideaway. This amazing underwater world will leave a lasting impression.
Prices: $49 (ages 10 and up) , $29 (ages 5-9)

4X4 Green Monkey Adventure (4 hours)
Did you ever see a green monkey? Barbados is known for these amazing creatures that call this island nation home. You'll begin your adventure with a 45 minute scenic drive to the HIghland Adventure Centre. Here you'll have a refreshing beverage while enjoying the beautiful view. Next you're off to the Wildlife Reserve where the green monkeys roam free. You'll have an hour to spend at the Reserve before the 45 minute trip back.
Prices: $179 (ages 10 and up) $149 (ages 5-9)

Barbados Horseback Riding Adventure (2.5 - 3 hours)
You'll begin with a 45 minute trip to the Highland Adventure Centre. You'll saddle up and head out on your hour and a half guided tour. Along the way you'll pass a vintage plantation house, charming villages, fields of sugarcane and Lion Castle, a long standing sugar factory. After enjoying a cold beverage you'll head back on your 45 minute trip to the ship.
Prices: $85 (ages 12 and up only)

Explore Barbados by Land Rover (3.5 hours)
For those who enjoy seeing what's off the beaten path, this is the excursion to pick. You'll head out in the Land Rover 4X4 to the rock formations of Bathsheba, historic Holetown and the beachside vistas of Cattlewash. You'll want to have your camera handy to capture every moment of this incredible adventure.
Prices: $179 (ages 10 and up), $149 (ages 5-9)

Golf at Sandy Lane (6 - 6.5 hours)
The Tom Fazio designed Sandy Lane Country Club golf course is where you'll tee up. This 7060 yard par 72 course overlooks the beautiful Caribbean. Try to focus on your game as you traverse this course replete with tropical greenery and the occasional Barbados green monkey.
A mandatory caddy fee is included in your excursion price. This excursion includes a 25-minute bus transfer to and from the golf course.You will be provided with a golf cart to share.Club rentals and shoe rentals available at additional cost.Guests are encouraged to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, additional clothing, cameras and/or backpacks.
Prices: $250 (ages 10 and up only)

Barbados Atlantis Submarine Adventure (3.5 hours)
This is your chance to experience a real submarine voyage. You'll first head out on a 20 minute bus/ferry ride to the Atlantis III Submarine. As you descend to depths of 115 to 150 feet during your 40 minute voyage you'll have incredible views of the coral reef, tropical fish, marine life as well as an amazing shipwreck lying at the bottom of the sea.
Prices: $75 (ages 10 and up) , $50 (ages 4-9) Note that guests must be at least 36 inches tall

Flying Fish Express (3 hours)
Get ready to party!! The Flying Fish Express open air party bus you'll take you on a two and half hour ride filled with games, music and fun. You'll go on a treasure hunt and there are several historic and scenic stops to explore along the way. Complimentary beverages and noisemakers are included.
Prices: $45 (ages 10 and up) , $35 (ages 5 - 9)

Best of Barbados (4.25 hours)
This tour combines beauty with history. You'll first visit Orchid World where an amazing variety of these beautiful blooms are blossoming all around you. Next, a short ride brings you to Gun Hill Signal Station which houses a small collection of military memorabilia. Finally you'll be transported back in time as you explore the Sunbury Plantation House.
Prices: $42 (ages 10 and up) , $32 (ages 3 - 9)

Discover Barbados (4 hours)
This is one for the camera buffs. You'll first head to Holetown where the noted St. John's Church is located. After you've explored this cliff-side site you'll next head to the Highland Adventure Centre. Located 1000 feet above sea level you'll have sweeping views of the Caribbean and Barbados countryside. Along the route are charming villages, historic sites and the rugged coastline.
Prices: $39 (ages 10 and up) , $29 (ages 3 - 9)

Green Monkey & Island Drive Adventure (3.75 hours)
No trip to Barbados is complete without seeing their famous green monkeys. Your adventure begins with a 45 minute scenic drive to the Highland Adventure Centre. After enjoying the panoramic views you'll next go to the Wildlife Reserve. Here you'll see the amazing green monkeys as they roam freely among the lush vegetation. You'll have an hour at the reserve before making your 45 minute drive back to the ship.
Prices: $49 (ages 10 and up) , $39 (ages 3 - 9)

Please note: except where noted, shore excursions are operated by independent contractors. All excursions are subject to cancellation due to weather, itinerary changes and attendance. Excursions are booked on a first come, first served basis and are subject to availability. All prices are subject to change without notice. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.