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Mazatlan Shore Excursions

Mazatlan City Tour & Folkloric Show (3.5 - 5 hours)
Meeting Time: 8:30am, 1:00pm
This tour begins at Vigia Hill where you'll have a perfect view of the world's highest natural lighthouse, the outlying islands and Mazatlan's beautiful shoreline. From here you'll ride through the historic center of the city where you'll visit a 19th century cathedral. Next you'll see the amazing cliff divers as they leap from dizzying heights into the surf below. The ride to each of these 3 stops is about 10 minutes long. For the following 35 minutes you'll travel to the Golden Zone, home to the Aztec Theater. Here you'll be entertained by the incredible Papantla Fliers who perform astonishing aerial acts. There's a children's ballet where the younger audience members are invited to join in and learn Mexican folk dancing. A complimentary beverage is served. The return trip to the ship is approximately 20 minutes.
Prices: $39.00 (ages 10 & up), $29.00 (ages 3 - 9)

Mazatlan Beach Escape (4 - 5.5 hours)
Meeting Time: 9:00am
The Los Sabalos Resort is your destination for a day spent enjoying the sun and surf. The resort is a 20 minute ride from the port. When you arrive, you'll be shown the changing facilities as well as the other amenities available for your use. Towels are provided. During your day here, you'll be treated to a wonderful Mexican lunch. After 2.5 - 4 hours, you can choose one of two departure times for your 20 minute ride back to the ship.
Price: $49.00 (ages 10 & up) , $39.00 (ages 3 - 9)

Sierra Madre Tour (7 hours)
Meeting Time: 8:45am
You'll explore the wonderful villages and sites found in the Sierra Madre mountain range. You'll take a 35 minute ride where you'll stop to visit a bakery, adobe brickyard and Mexican tile factory. A 15 minute ride brings you to Concordia, the site of a 220 year old church. While here you'll have a beverage break. Next, a 35 minute ride has you arriving at Copala. This centuries old village has cobblestone streets and charming historic buildings. Comfortable shoes are a must while visiting here. You'll be served a wonderful luncheon before leaving for the next stop, a pottery farm approximately 45 minutes away. The children will be able to make a souvenir out of clay to bring home with them. From here, it's a 45 minute ride back to the ship.
Price: $59.00 (ages 10 & up), $39.00 (ages 3 - 9)

Hacienda Las Moras Horseback Riding (5 hours)
Meeting Time:7:30am, 12:30pm
You'll go on an informative 45 minute ride to a Mexican hacienda. This working ranch is nestled in the countryside. You'll first visit the historic chapel located here before beginning your tour on horseback. A guide will lead you along the trails. The mountains form the perfect backdrop for your day spent exploring this scenic area. Your horseback ride will last approximately an hour. You can spend the next hour among the gardens or at the pool where complimentary beverages and snacks will be served. The ride back to the ship takes approximately 45 minutes.
NOTE: Guests must be in good physical condition and weigh less than 220 pounds. Guests will be provided with helmets which they are required to wear. Long pants and closed toe shoes are recommended.
Price: $75.00 (ages 10 & up)

Mexican Family Ranch Party (5 hours)
Meeting Time: 9:15am
This fun family event takes place at the Las Moras Ranch. This hacienda resort is about 45 minutes from the ship. You'll stop at the hacienda's chapel for a photo opportunity, and you'll next arrive at the refreshing swimming pool. Here you can swim, enjoy the beautiful gardens or simply relax for 2 and half hours. A fabulous luncheon is served in a setting featuring wonderful examples of Mexican architecture and artwork. The day's festivities are capped off with a family piñata party. The trip back to the ship is 45 minutes.
Price: $69.00 (ages 10 & up), $49.00 (ages 3 - 9)

Old Mazatlan Walking Tour (4 - 4.5 hours)
Meeting Time: 7:45am
This tour features the historic and cultural landmarks of Mazatlan. You'll take a 10 minute ride to the Continuity of Life monument, which is the first stop of your walking tour. You'll meet your guide who will escort you to the various locales, including a stop at the waterfront to watch the cliff divers as they dive from lofty heights to the sea below. During this 3 and a half hour tour you'll visit La Mazatleca, the El Venadito monuments, as well as other notable sites. You'll stop to view Ice Box Hill and eventually will find yourself in the center of Mazatlan. While here you'll visit a magnificent restored opera house, a museum and bakery. While visiting Machado Square, you'll have a beverage break and next proceed through the charming, narrow passageways leading to Mazatlan's main square. Among the historic buildings found here is a church built in the 19th century. Before your 10 minute ride back to the ship, youll have an opportunity to shop for the perfect souvenir at the city market.
Price: $29.00 (ages 10 & up), $19.00 (ages 3 - 9)

Stone Island Beach Adventure (5 hours)
Meeting Time: 9:30am
You'll take a scenic 20 minute catamaran ride to Stone Island. From here, you'll be transported via a tractor-drawn farm cart for the 10 minute ride to the beachfront. Palm trees line the beach where you can enjoy the sun, sand and surf for 4 hours. Umbrellas and lounge chairs are provided, with other beach paraphernalia available for rent. A wonderful luncheon is included and the day is capped off with a piñata party. The return trip to the ship is about 20 minutes.
Price: $59.00 (ages 10 & up), $39.00 (ages 3 - 9)

Deer Island Kayak Adventure (5 hours)
Meeting Time: 7:30am, 12:15pm
This tour offers a 'ala carte' selection of activities for you to choose from. You'll take a 45 minute catamaran ride to Deer Island. While you are here for the next 2 hours, you can relax on the white sand beach, or go on the hiking and/or kayaking tours which are 45 minutes long. The kayaking tour takes you along the southern side of the island which is rich in natural beauty. You'll want to have your camera ready to capture the moment. You'll be provided with waterproof bags to protect your belongings. The hike brings you up a gradual ridge on the island. From here you'll have sweeping views of the ocean. Once your island adventure comes to an end, you'll take a 45 minute catamaran ride back to the ship.
Price: $63.00 (ages 10 & up)

Tequila, Saddles and Huaraches (6.5 - 7 hours)
Meeting Time: 9:15am
This tour celebrates the fine craftsmanship of Mexico. You'll take a scenic 1 hour ride to La Vinata where you'll visit the Tequila Distillery. You'll learn how tequila is made and see the blue agave plants used to produce this liquor and enjoy a sample. A 10 minute ride brings you to La Noria where you'll visit a pottery shop, candy-maker, and a number of leather shops. The beautiful hand tooled bags, belts, saddles and huaraches (Mexican sandals) are proudly displayed and available for purchase. While here, you'll visit the Saint Anthony de Padua church. You'll next enjoy a complimentary beverage at a local café. Among the choices is tonicol, a locally produced beverage made from vanilla soda and mineral water, or you can select a soft drink or bottled water. You'll travel for 50 minutes back to Mazatlan where a delicious Mexican lunch will be served. From here, it's a 15 minute trip back to the ship.
Prices: $59.00 (ages 10 & up), $39.00 (ages 3 - 9)

El Cid Golfing Excursion (6.5 hours)
Meeting Time: 8:15am
You'll take a 30 minute ride to the El Cid Golf and Country Club, one of the finest golf venues on Mazatlan. You'll have a caddy and golf cart waiting for you as you start your round of 18 holes on the par 72 course. Clubs and shoes are available for rent and there's a clubhouse where you can purchase beverages and snacks. Your day playing on this beautiful and challenging course is followed by a 30 minute return trip to the ship.
NOTE: The cart and caddy are course requirements. The caddy gratuities are included in the fee.
Price: $159.00 (ages 10 & up)

Mexican Countryside Expedition (7 hours)
Meeting Time: 9:45am
You'll be transported back in time as you explore Mexico's rich heritage. You'll start your tour with a 40 minute ride to a tequila factory, the oldest in the region. You'll watch a demonstration of the production of this popular liquor and enjoy a festive piñata breaking. From here, you'll visit El Quelite, a quaint riverside town located 30 minutes away. You'll stroll along the charming streets with stops that include a primitive earthenware stove that's still being used and a historic church. You'll have a delicious Mexican lunch, be entertained by folk dancers and see a lasso demonstration. While you make the 1 hour return trip to the ship, your guide will teach you Spanish phrases and lead you in a Mexican folk song.
Prices: $59.00 (ages 10 & up), $39.00 (ages 5 - 9)

Folkloric Show and Beach Break (7 hours)
Meeting Time: 10:00am
Your tour begins with a 45 minute ride to the Spectaculare Theater. Through song, music and dance, you'll be entertained at a wonderful show which highlights Mexico's rich heritage. As you enjoy your complimentary beverages and snacks, the folkloric troupe will perform traditional dances to the lively beat of fiesta music. After this delightful show, you'll take the 15 minute ride to the Las Flores Hotel which is situated on one of Mazatlan's best beaches. You'll have 3 ½ hours to enjoy the beach and two swimming pools as well as other amenities. A tasty lunch will be served. The return trip to the ship takes 30 minutes.
Price: $55.00 (ages 10 & up), $35.00 (ages 3 - 9)

Please note: except where noted, shore excursions are operated by independent contractors. All excursions are subject to cancellation due to weather, itinerary changes and attendance. Excursions are booked on a first come, first served basis and are subject to availability. All prices are subject to change without notice. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.